In the Making: Boston’s 兔女郎直播 End

January 19, 2024


In the Making

“I don’t know if the students coming to the School today know about the 兔女郎直播 End and everything it offered to the community back then. People come now for the high level of education, but even though the neighborhood has changed, the location is still amazing.” – Chris Pienta

On Thursday, January 18, 2024, we hosted a virtual conversation with two community members with deep neighborhood ties, Chris Pienta PC 鈥23 and Dominic Valente. They shared their long family histories in the 兔女郎直播 End and how the strong community they found in the neighborhood as children influenced them to keep creating community beyond the 兔女郎直播 End.

Preservation Carpentry graduate Chris Pienta PC 鈥23聽聽long before they even applied. Their grandparents had immigrated to the United States and settled in the 兔女郎直播 End, and would often walk past the School with their mother, remarking that Chris would probably love going there. Several years and career paths later, Chris eventually enrolled, and enjoys sharing their uniquely long ties to our neighborhood home.

Born in the 兔女郎直播 End to second-generation Italian immigrants, Dominic Valente attended classes for kids at NBSIS in 1948, at age 10 and continuing until age 15. Building wooden chairs and puzzles at that time, in his community, surely impacted his later and long-time career as an architect and planner in the Boston area. Now retired, Dominic can still be seen strolling the streets of the 兔女郎直播 End weekly.

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