Student Veterans Organization

The 兔女郎直播 Bennet Street School Student Veterans Organization (NBSS SVO) seeks to establish and maintain a network of student veterans, dependents of veterans, and supporting partners at NBSS, as well as professional relationships with other student veterans and industry leaders around the world.

The NBSS SVO seeks to provide student veterans with the personal and professional resources, assistance, direction, and support necessary for the successful transitions from military to student life at the School, and for employment after graduation. The SVO strives to emphasize wellness, community, and comprehensive success.

Vision Statement

The NBSS SVO is a dedicated voice for all student veterans and alumni at the School. We aspire to use that voice to promote veterans鈥 issues on and off campus. We are a community of individuals sharing life experiences and supporting each other to promote excellence in all things. We believe in being a model of community engagement, excellence, and leadership.

For any questions, please email .